[openbox] using openbox with HiDPi display

Jim Rees jim at rees.org
Tue Sep 25 07:02:05 EDT 2018

Alexey Korop wrote:

  Ranjan Maitra wtote 25.09.2018 03:39:
  > My new XPS13 9370 has 4K resolution. I would like to use my trusted openbox on it. What should I do for it to be able to work with HiDPi scaled fonts? 
  You can enlarge all used fonts using obconf. If You want to enlarge
  titlebar icons too, You need to edit files
  /usr/share/themes/<YOUR_THEME>/openbox-3/*.xbm using gimp.

It shouldn't be necessary to enlarge fonts this way. You should be able to
change your Xft.dpi resource and have it work in all applications. I don't
know whether this actually works or not.

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