[openbox] Ignore size hint for specific applications

Peter Varo hello at petervaro.com
Sun Oct 7 06:24:13 EDT 2018

Hi there,

I've been using OpenBox for years now and although I love it there is one particular thing that was bugging me for ages before I finally made it into a question on one of the StackExchange sites as you can see it here:


The brilliant answer provided by the user 'mosvy' makes it very clear that there is no real workaround for this problem.  Before I asked that question I did my investigation and I couldn't find any other alternatives myself.

Now editing the source and recompiling it upon every update is just a pain in the bottom (not to mention, that the provided example/solution may not even be complete) so I think this really is an issue that should be handled by the project maintainers.

At this point I would appreciate any official support, even like the most 'radical' one at the `resize` section:


Or perhaps a more granular option should be present at the `action` level, something like:

<action name="MoveResizeTo">

Which then could be restricted to specific applications only:

<action name="If">





        <action name="MoveResizeTo">









Or maybe all of these possible options combined would give enough control to the user over this particular matter.  Either way, I'm very interested in any kind of feedback regarding this problem and/or its possible solution(s).

Many thanks,

Peter Varo
Senior Software Engineer
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