[openbox] Android Emulator issues

Andryi Dovnlov andryi.dovnlov at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 12:45:39 EST 2018

I've come across a strange behavior when running Android Studio in openbox.
The emulator runs fine until I switch to a different desktop, but when I go
back to the desktop where the emulator window is, it disappears and I can't
get it back on top again. Alt-tab switching won't work and it shows the
window as greyed out.
Running openbox with --debug options shows that the window si being
unmanaged, which I believe is expected (?), and "Trying to manage unmapped
window. Aborting that. FAILED to manage window 0x1400014" when trying to
switch back to it.
Not really sure where to start looking for a solution to this.
Any ideas?
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