[openbox] I need touse other hodkeys than ALT+F4 to close application window

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Wed Nov 14 05:41:44 EST 2018

Tl;dr - hotkeys are completely configurable:

On November 14, 2018 10:23:58 AM UTC, "Mgr. Janusz Chmiel" <janusz.chmiel at volny.cz> wrote:
>Dear core developers of Openbox.
>Because yours window manager is very memory and CPU resources friendly,
>I have started to intensively use it in Userspace variant of various 
>Linux distributions on Android devices.
>But because standard cheap Bluetooth keyboards and Android build in 
>external keyboard driving module keyboard.AOSP behaves differently, I 
>would have to know, where are defined hod keys such AS
>ALT+TAB to move between windows, ALT+F4. If those hod keys are 
>controlled by active window manager or by Gnome-session and by other 
>session specific desktop environment?
>My dream would be to change some hodkeys so CAPSLOCK key would be used 
>instead of ALT, because some build in hodkeys are in conflict with 
>Android system UI or with The talkback screen reader.
>And I have last plea, which is not related to Openbox, but I believe, 
>that somebody would help.
>I have tested many many various desktop environments. Does somebody of 
>you know The desktop environment, which would be usable without UDEV 
>sokeyboard will be usable?
>I also need that Orca screen reader would work inside this environment.
>I have tested many many desktop environment including Plasma_KDE, Mate,
>Gnome, LXDE, LXQT. But I AM occurring The following problems.
>1. Some C code inside desktop environments require sharing memory file 
>creation, or some C code want to create shared executable stack and 
>those techniques are not supported by strictly userspace variant of 
>Linux distribution. Thanks to build in limitations of Android kernel.
>Gnome-session calls some algorithm for detecting software acceleration,
>and some of its internal call is not compatible with Xserver XSDL 
>internal C code.
>So gnome-session can not be used also.
>LXDE produces no errors, but developers want to call UDEV procedures to
>work with keyboard, so external keyboards are not supported in LXDE.
>I AM also wondering, how complex would be to adapt some of actual GTK 
>based desktop environment so it would be also usable from strictly 
>userspace based Linux distro. From distro, which donot support UDEV and
>sharedmemory operations in general.
>I know about The following .so library.
>But I do not know, how to use it. If I would had to reprogram some 
>desktop environment, which uses other library for shared memory calls?
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