[openbox] Ignore size hint for specific applications

sunnycemetery at gmail.com sunnycemetery at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 08:39:01 EDT 2018

> I'm using OpenBox as my window manager, and I have some hot keys configured to move windows into certain areas of the screen with a specified window size. All windows are respecting this, except urxvt which is calculating its size based on the font size of the characters it is displaying.

Have you tried using percentages in your resize actions?  XTerm (and most terminal emulators, I imagine) reports its window size as $COLUMNS × $LINES, yet sizing it to, say, 50% of the screen results in the correct pixel size.  Example:

<action name="MoveResizeTo"> <width>50%</width> <height>50%</height> <x>-0</x> <y>-0</y> </action>

This is one of those quirks that initially bothered me but has since become irrelevant.

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