[openbox] Undecorate maximized windows

Anton Bobrov bobrov at vl.ru
Mon Feb 27 13:19:52 EST 2017

It seems you try to run rc.py directly. You should start application by:

    orcsome -c /path/to/rc.py

Or place code into $HOME/.config/orcsome/rc.py and run:


There is a glue code to run event loop, check config and handling proper
restarts on the fly, so rc.py is just an imperative config and can not be
started directly.

On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 05:50:52PM +0000, Rural Juror wrote:
> >You can use orcsome (https://github.com/baverman/orcsome)
> Thanks, that looks great. However, I had trouble getting it to run.
> import orcsome
> wm = orcsome.get_wm()
> ... wm is always "None". I have cffi installed and I tested it both in a virtualenv
> (installed with pip) and installing orcsome systemwide. What am I doing wrong?
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