[openbox] Undecorate maximized windows

Anton Bobrov bobrov at vl.ru
Sun Feb 26 11:48:14 EST 2017

You can use orcsome (https://github.com/baverman/orcsome)

Example rc.py:

    from orcsome import get_wm

    wm = get_wm()

    # Shortcut to test maximizing, you can do it with openbox config
    def maximize_window():
        w = wm.current_window
        if w.maximized_vert and w.maximized_horz:
            wm.set_window_state(w, vmax=False, hmax=False)
            wm.set_window_state(w, vmax=True, hmax=True)

    # Decoration control takes place here
    def on_manage():
        @wm.on_property_change(wm.event_window, '_NET_WM_STATE')
        def property_was_set():
            w = wm.event_window
            if w.maximized_vert and w.maximized_horz:
                if w.decorated:
                    wm.set_window_state(w, decorate=False)
                if not w.decorated:
                    wm.set_window_state(w, decorate=True)

On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 04:20:49PM +0000, Rural Juror wrote:
> Hello!
> Is it possible to un-decorate windows that are maximized automatically?
> Basically I would like the windows to have decorations, but as soon as they get
> maximized, the decorations should be removed. I looked through the settings
> for specific windows and I didn't find a way to target only maximized windows.
> Would it be possible to achieve this or am I out of luck?
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