[openbox] beamer key

rbastian at musiques-rb.org rbastian at musiques-rb.org
Sun Dec 10 12:07:38 EST 2017



I am new on this list. I installed openbox on a Lenovo Thinkpad E530
laptop where I use a Mint distrib (which seems to be a mix of Debian &
Ubuntu). I want to use it with an external screen (LG). So I have the same
output on the laptop an the external screen.

The 'beamer key' is à toggle-key which one can use to get the
outpu on both outputs, only one output (screen or laptop) or

Is there a way to include the 'beamer key' in the config, in order
to get 1) output on both 2) output on LG screen only, 3) etc. ?

Thanks for your help.


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