[openbox] Focus-under-mouse doesn't work (mostly)

Ian Zimmerman itz at primate.net
Mon Oct 3 23:32:32 EDT 2016

On 2016-10-03 17:11, Grant Edwards wrote:

> For the past 5 minutes or so, stacking two urxvt instances and hitting
> ctrl-D in the top one is resulting in 100% failure (mouse pointer is
> in lower uxrvt, but it doesn't have focus).  However, if instead of
> ctrl-D, I type 'exit<enter>' I get a smaller failure rate (still not
> 0%).
> Oops.  It just stopped failing.  Now I can't get it to happen... :/

This is starting to sound interesting.  Maybe I'll take a look, but I
need to ascend to a higher stage of boredom first.

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