[openbox] Firefox add-on popups

Jim Rees rees at umich.edu
Wed Mar 30 21:58:58 EDT 2016

So it turns out my Firefox problem is openbox related.

The popup window is what I think X calls a transient; it has no decoration,
and while it is displayed it has the focus, and the decoration on the main
firefox window grays out indicating it has lost focus. If you click outside
the popup it goes away. I can't run anything like xwininfo while it's popped

I tracked the problem to the followMouse setting. I normally have this
turned on. If I turn it off, the problem goes away, and the popup appears

I also have underMouse turned on. If I turn this off, and leave followMouse
on, I can get the popup in two clicks. The first click de-focuses firefox,
and the second click brings up the popup.

Any suggestions how I can get this popup to work without turning off

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