[openbox] GoToDesktop leaves modal that eats next keypress

killerbee13 null killerbee13.0197+lists at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 18:09:05 EDT 2016

To switch desktops, I have binds that look like these:

    <keybind key="H-Left">
      <action name="GoToDesktop">

    <keybind key="H-1">
      <action name="GoToDesktop">

      <mousebind button="Up" action="Click">
        <action name="GoToDesktop">

The latter two work perfectly, but the first leaves open the dialog that
says the name of the desktop indefinitely until a key or mouse button is
pressed, which will close it. I can tell that Openbox is holding the grab
because other Openbox binds will work immediately (and any binds without
this problem will dismiss the dialog immediately as normal), while
applications won't receive the first keypress. This keyboard grab isn't
cancelled by the chainQuitKey either.
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