[openbox] Advanced menu customization features

TT turkuting at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 03:36:33 EST 2016

On 01/13/2016 06:48 AM, zalit at gmx.com wrote:
> 1) can I have multiple menus, each using its own key binding, its own 
> colors, etc.? I am not talking about submenus, but about "root" menus 
> (i.e. callable directly from the desktop, like the main menu -- each 
> one would be a main menue of its own)
> 2) can the user define a custom color for each entry in a menu entry?
>  3) can the user define a custom color for each (underlined) shortcut 
> key? Or can that shortcut key be of a different user-define color 
> *instead* of being underlined?
> 4) can a menu entry be hidden, while its shortcut key still can be called?
no, not as such.
keybinds are defined seperately (rc.xml) from menu entries (menu.xml), 
so it is very well possible to have a hotkey for something that doesn't 
have a menu entry.
> 5) if these features are not currently supported, what are the chances 
> of seeing them implemented soon? What do the developers think of them?
of course i cannot speak for the devs, but i'll just go out on a limb 
and answer that one too:

i do recommend to get more familiar with openbox's abilities:
http://openbox.org/wiki/Help:Contents (at least "configuration", 
"themes" and "menus". "cool programs" is largely outdated.)
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