[openbox] KeePass Autotype does not work, Failed to execute the child process

Aquarius aquarius at tutanota.de
Tue Jan 12 12:25:31 EST 2016

What is the standard key combination for invoking the global --autotype and 
where can I change it.
Sorry: off topic as for what openbox is concerned, but I would definitely 
like to know!

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12. Jan 2016 16:29 by openboxml023478 at rainslide.net:

> On Tuesday, 12 January, 2016 at 15:27:46 GMT, Aquarius wrote:
>> You are right. I use it now. But would like to use KeePass inclusive
>> --autotype invoked by a key combination!
> KeePassX has a global auto-type shortcut that'll match an entry or entries 
> based on the currently focused window's title, if that's any help...
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