[openbox] Key binding can not find child process

Aquarius aquarius at tutanota.de
Thu Jan 7 11:14:37 EST 2016

Thanks for explanation and trying this out.
But ... I am trying to get to work the autotype function like it did before. 
By pressing a key combination KeePass fills the login and password.
I think I will start a new thread. I will summarize what files are where, 
what processes run an what is in the xml file. Probably this will have to 
wait for the weekend though ....

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7. Jan 2016 01:09 by turkuting at gmail.com:

>         > i have been following this, albeit      diagonally....
>       Aquarius is running wheezy. now first of all, they might want to      
> consider upgrading to jessie, but that is of little consequence      right 
> now.
>       i still have crunchbang (that's wheezy) in a vm, and it shows me 2    
>   apps:
>       keepass2 (that's the one with all the mono dependencies)
>       and
>       keepassx
>       now, i am installing keepass2 and have a look at the list of files    
>   installed.
>       indeed, there is /usr/bin/keepass2.
>       i try to open it in a terminal, simply by typing keepass2.
>       works.
>       i add a hotkey to my ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml, like so:
>       >     <keybind key="W-k">
>                 <action name="Execute">
>                   <command>keepass2</command>
>                 </action>
>               </keybind>
>         > i reconfigure openbox (that's usually in you root          menu, 
> or you can type "openbox --reconfigure" in a terminal).
>           i press Win+K => keepass2 starts.
>       so, if you followed all these steps exactly, and it works, you owe    
>   me a beer.
>       if it still doesn't work: ... ?
>       On 01/07/2016 12:13 AM, Ian Zimmerman wrote:
>     >
>>       >> On 2016-01-06 21:25 +0000, Aquarius wrote:>>
>>>         >>> 'which keepass' gives no result.>>>
>>       >> You'll have to get your story together before I can help any 
>> more.A while ago, you wrote:>>
>>>         >>> I am trying to get key bindings work for KeePass. I use 
>>> 'keepass--autotype' for action.>>>
>>       >>
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