[openbox] Key binding can not find child process

Aquarius aquarius at tutanota.de
Wed Jan 6 16:25:05 EST 2016

'which keepass' gives no result.
'which keepass2' gives /usr/bin/keepass2
'echo $PATH' gives 

I do not know how to find out how I start X and openbox. I need an 
explanation. But meanwhile I will search.

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6. Jan 2016 22:10 by itz at buug.org:

> There must be a keepass program somewhere on your PATH (exact name, no
> extension).  In a terminal window, type "which keepass" to find where.
> It is probably just a short shell script.  Show it to us.
> Also, it may be relevant how you start X and openbox.  Do you use gdm?
> xdm?  startx?  xinit?
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