[openbox] SKIP_TASKBAR hint and iconic state

Alexey Korop akorop at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 14:43:15 EDT 2015

Dana Jansens 25.03.2015 20:20:
 DJ> And it becomes very tricky and/or
 DJ> impossible depending on bindings to get back an iconified
 DJ> window without that.
   wmctrl, xdootool, xatk etc...
   Most users rare use SKIP_TASKBAR hint and never use it for windows
that can be iconified. If user do this, he know what he do.
 DJ> What problem does it cause that they stay in the menu?
   Unwanted place expense. Especially if these windows have ALL_DESKTOP
   Technically this feature implement only one line in the
         (ft->iconic && !ft->parents) ||

   I think the good solution is global config key as
<ForceIconifiedInList> with the  "yes" default value (for compatibility).
Yours truly Alexey

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