[openbox] SKIP_TASKBAR hint and iconic state

Alexey Korop akorop at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 12:36:51 EDT 2015

Hi, All

  If some window has WM hint SKIP_TASKBAR this window not displayed in
the openbox "tasklists" (as NextWindow dialog and
client-list-combined-menu). This behavior is natural and useful and
conform to the freedesktop.org standard.
  But if the SKIPPED window is iconified (hidden) openbox "taskbars"
show it regardless the SKIP_TASKBAR hint. IMHO this behavior is very
strange and violate the standard.
  For comparison: tint2 and fbpanel do not show SKIPPED windows
regardless of the hidden state.

  Is there the way to prevent showing hidden SKIPPED windows in the
openbox "tasklists"?

Yours truly Alexey

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