[openbox] Persisting a desktop terminal window across ToggleShowDesktop with xdotool - interesting failure mode

Paul G paulg at perforge.net
Sun Mar 1 13:15:41 EST 2015

On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 11:52 AM, Dana Jansens <danakj at orodu.net> wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 3:31 AM, Paul G <paulg at perforge.net> wrote:
>> To save the other 0.2 people who might try to do this in future several
>> hours/days of their lives, I'll summarize: don't bother with a kludge and
>> do it properly, namely by patching whatever it is you're trying to
>> desktopify.
>> Attempting to automatically re-map the window with xdotool will work in
>> the sense that it'll remap it, you can then unhide it with wmctrl but
>> you're still going to end up with it iconified unless/until you open
>> another window (beforehand/). This is why it was working from the shell and
>> not from the openbox config. I'm still curious to know why that is.
>> Setting the WINDOW_TYPE_DESKTOP hint after the window is first mapped
>> does not work. Not sure exactly why that is either, but it's contrary to
>> spec, so no surprise there. I did not manage to find a way to set it before
>> the window gets mapped in externally, although I've tried.
>> In the end, I ended up doing what in hindsight I should've done earlier -
>> patching tilda itself.
>> Would a patch for being able to do it from an application config block in
>> openbox make it in? If so, I might have a go as I think that's a more
>> universal solution.
> I think that would be a nice feature. I've seen people struggle with this
> before for other apps.

What branch/tag should I be looking at? Master seems quite stale and I
don't know what the status of your in-dev stuff is. The docs reference a
3.6 release, but I can't see a tag for it in your git repo.

Wrt implementation, any non-obvious things I should be aware of (without
making your response isometric with implementing it yourself ;) keeping in
mind that I and X have a nodding acquaintance only.

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