[openbox] Video overlay / nvidia-drivers weirdness

meino.cramer at gmx.de meino.cramer at gmx.de
Sat Apr 19 06:44:14 EDT 2014


I am runnig Gentoo Linux on a AMD64 machine using openbox
as my preferred windowmanager.

Recently with an update of the system beside other things
the nvidia-drivers and the xorg-server were updated.

(tried all of them)
x11-wm/openbox-9999 (Gentoo nameing for "developper snapshot)

Openbox is started via slim (login manager), which executes
autostart.sh, which (beside other things) mutt in a urxvt

Openbox is configure to have 8 desktops, throw which one can
circle back and forth :)

The the problem arises after starting applications, which uses
opengl/direct rendering/cuda or such things:

For example: After mutt starts, I switch von desktop to the left
(going from desktop 1 to 8).
There I start me-tv, a dvb-t tv application.
When I switch back to 1 (going to the right), the window decorations
of me-tb remain on desktop 8 but the video itsself does not disappear 
even mutt becomes the focus.

Now I click on mutt, go back to 8 (desktop with me-tv running) and
back to 1 (mutt) and the problem "has gone" (the effect is no longer

Then I go to desktop 2 (to the right).
I start Blender (another heavy opengl/rendering user) and start
rendering. Regardless which window has the focus and to what desktop
I will change: As soon Blender updates the rendering window, I got
fragments of it thrown onto the current desktop makeing it complete
graphical garbage. ^L unfortunately does not work on graphical
displays... ;(

I recompiled everything I could find which is dependant of the
nvidia-drivers and does not help. Since I tried very old and very new
versions of that driver I dont think, that this driver is "guilty"...

As a test I installed fluxbox and the problem went away.

But I dont want fluxbox and want my openbox back.

Any ideas what I can do further to eliminate that problem?

Thanks a lot for any help!
Best regards,

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