[openbox] Citrix Thin Client Project - Focus Issues

meino.cramer at gmx.de meino.cramer at gmx.de
Tue Apr 1 13:44:16 EDT 2014

Hi Mathias,

just to explain my intention more clearly (sorry I am no native
English speaker...)
I am using Blender and Blender is using A LOT key and mouse bindings.
If you want to be fast with Blender you have to use them.
And: For any window manager, which also provide this feature of definig 
keybindings it is completly impossible to not to collide with the 
key/mouse bindings of Blender due to the shear amount of them in
With Openbox you have this nice feature of "chroot" openbox.
This tells openbox temporary to forget all keybindings (and not mouse
bindings!!!) and feed them to the focussed window 
until the chroot-key combo is pressed again.
Unfortunately Openbox only forgets the key-bindings and NOT the
mousebindings. As a 3D-modelling application Blender is heavily
mouse oriented and collisions with Openbox are daily business.
Now I wanted to know, whether I can make openbox to "temporaryly
forget" certain mouse bindings by manually code them while 
being chrooted.
Does this 
       <action name="PreviousWindow"/>
also works for mouse-bindings?

Best regards,

Mathias Dufresne <mathias.dufresne at gmail.com> [14-04-01 17:30]:
> Hi,
> It is not completely clear for me but I think your issue is to send
> "alt+tab" keys to Windows because for now when you type "alt+tab" the keys
> are used by OpenBox, switching between your Citrix client window and other
> windows hosted on Linux side.
> If I'm right, you just have to tell OpenBox to ignore "alt+tab", so the
> keys won't be grabbed by OpenBox and will be thrown to the active window,
> which could be your client. Then perhaps this client will be able to send
> the keys to the remote system, which in turn should switch its own
> windows...
> To do that, have a look into your ~/.local/openbox/rc.xml file and look for
> something similar to that :
>     <!-- Keybindings for window switching -->
>     <keybind key="A-Tab">
>       <action name="NextWindow"/>
>     </keybind>
>     <keybind key="A-S-Tab">
>       <action name="PreviousWindow"/>
>     </keybind>
> It's an extract from my own rc.xml, A-Tab = Alt+Tab in rc.xml syntax.
> Change that to something else :)
> Then to push that system wide rather than only for your own account I think
> it's in /etc/xdg/openbox directory you'll have to push that modification.
> This should confirmed, I'm not sure ;)
> Cheers,
> mathias
> 2014-04-01 11:21 GMT+02:00 Emilien RICHARD <emilien at erichard.fr>:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm working on a Linux-based thin client project. I'm experiencing some
> > issues with Citrix Receiver 13.0. For your information, Citrix Receiver is
> > used to access Windows applications in SaaS mode.
> >
> > Alt-Tab doesn't work, I can select the window but it doesn't get the focus
> > and it isn't put foreground. On the attached screen shot (
> > http://hpics.li/b3ef9a8 ) you can see what happen. The window 2 is the
> > one I have selected with Alt-Tab and the window 1 is the one which has
> > focus and is on top. On the panel at the bottom of the screen you can see
> > that the window 2 seems to be on top but it doesn't and with the panel the
> > click on a window raise the window without problems.
> >
> > Citrix Receiver isn't an open source software so I can't see how it handle
> > windows. I'm trying to modify openbox, I want to program a workaround that
> > force to raise the window on Alt-Tab. Where can I start looking in the
> > sources to force it?
> >
> > Thank you for your help.
> >
> > Emilien RICHARD
> >
> >
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