[openbox] Citrix Thin Client Project - Focus Issues

Emilien RICHARD emilien at erichard.fr
Tue Apr 1 05:21:39 EDT 2014


I'm working on a Linux-based thin client project. I'm experiencing some 
issues with Citrix Receiver 13.0. For your information, Citrix Receiver 
is used to access Windows applications in SaaS mode.

Alt-Tab doesn't work, I can select the window but it doesn't get the 
focus and it isn't put foreground. On the attached screen shot ( 
http://hpics.li/b3ef9a8 ) you can see what happen. The window 2 is the 
one I have selected with Alt-Tab and the window 1 is the one which has 
focus and is on top. On the panel at the bottom of the screen you can 
see that the window 2 seems to be on top but it doesn't and with the 
panel the click on a window raise the window without problems.

Citrix Receiver isn't an open source software so I can't see how it 
handle windows. I'm trying to modify openbox, I want to program a 
workaround that force to raise the window on Alt-Tab. Where can I start 
looking in the sources to force it?

Thank you for your help.


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