[openbox] How to Debug an OpenBox programming change?

Tazman Deville tazmandevil at gmx.com
Wed Nov 27 09:30:58 EST 2013

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 02:44:52PM -0500, Robert . wrote:
>    I am looking into adding a new action to OpenBox.
>    What is the best way of testing my programming change?� I am running
>    fedora 19 lxdm.� My machine starts will OpenBox already running.� Can I
>    run two openbox sessions?� If I revert to run level 3, how do I start my
>    version of OpenBox?
>    I've successfully download and compiled the openbox source.� I put the
>    compiled files in new directories.� I do not want to wreck my existing
>    OpenBox files.
>    I see there is debug.c file.� How do I turn on debugging.� What does this
>    module do?
>    I am looking into adding an InsertText action.� When the shortcut key is
>    pressed, the associated text would be inserted into the inbound data
>    stream.

Just what I would do:
make your new box distinct from the existing openbox, of course.
(I think you did that, but you could put it in, say
/usr/local/bin/openbox2 or something).
I would make or use a different user, put this in their .xinitrc,

As an example, I have a spare user and their ~/.xinitrc has
exec xterm &
fbpanel &
feh --bg-center ~/Pictures/debian7wall.png &
xscreensaver &

Your last line would want to reflect where you put your openbox.

Go to another tty (try Ctrl-Alt-F5, for instance to go to tty5),
login as that user, run "startx".
That should start your openbox session for that user on that tty.

Then you can do Ctrl-Alt-F7 or whichever to go back to your current
session as your normal user, if/when needed.
>From there, if you must, you can even kill the other session (provided
you have root/sudo).

You can have numerous openbox sessions running, but only one per user,
I believe, although I have run LXDE and openbox sessions as a single
user, simultaneously, so I might be wrong there.
You can have multiple WM or DE sessions running, even.
You could, for instance, login in on one tty and run openbox,
then on another and run tritium, or wmii, or something.
gnu/linux is, after all, a multi-session, multi-user OS.

taz hungry

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