[openbox] openbox 3.5 startup problem

Jim Rees rees at umich.edu
Wed Mar 13 08:10:29 EDT 2013

Fred wrote:

  I am trying to upgrade from openbox-3.4 from Debian-6.0 packages to
  3.5.  I have compiled from source and installed.  Openbox doesn't
  run. The xdm.log file shows openbox reported it couldn't find
  libobrender.so.27.  That file exists in /usr/local/lib.  Dpkg shows
  the libobrender21 package is installed ok.  How can I make
  openbox-3.5 happy?

Maybe you need to run ldconfig, possibly adding /usr/local/lib to the
list. This should be automatic but I don't know how Debian handles this.

What does "ldd `which openbox`" say?

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