[openbox] Can I use just one keybind to perform these two actions?

Jim Rees rees at umich.edu
Tue Jun 11 08:52:09 EDT 2013

Augustine Souza wrote:

  I forgot to mention that with
      <!-- Launch gedit -->
      <keybind key="W-g">
        <action name="Execute">
       <action name="Undecorate"/>
  when I press, W-g (with the code above), whichever other program's window
  is active (in focus when I press W-g) becomes undecorated (if it is
  decorated) and gedit opens decorated.

I think the Execute action forks and returns without waiting for the
process. I suspect the new window hasn't been mapped and focused yet at the
time the undecorate action runs. I can't think of a way to do this other
than with <application> <decor> no, or getting the application to undecorate

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