[openbox] Could you point me out to right commit?

Andrej N. Gritsenko andrej at rep.kiev.ua
Fri Jun 7 05:09:38 EDT 2013

    Hello there!

    As much as I know, Openbox 3.5.1 isn't out yet but 3.5.0 release has
one very annoying bug which is reported everywhere - into distributions
bugtrackers, into many projects bugtrackers... we have few bugreports on
that issue in pcmanfm bugtracker as well. The issue is that new windows
of existing application don't get focus. It was mentioned some time ago
(I believe it was even more than a year ago) that issue is fixed in GIT,
so I want your help to find the exact commit so I can push that as patch
into distributions and users can be happy finally. Help me, please. Thank
you in advance.


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