[openbox] Exceptions to focusing new windows

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Aug 18 15:55:12 EDT 2013


When the option is set to focus new windows (<focus><focusNew>yes...), is there
any way to make it conditional on the currently focused window? In my case, I
have an always-on-top quake-like terminal that spans the bottom of the screen.
Normally I want the new window to be focused, but if I am working in the
terminal then I would prefer focus to remain there.

If this is not currently possible, would a feature request for a new
"<application>" property have any chance, e.g. "<keepFocus>yes</keepFocus>"?

My current solution is to use the "<focus>" property for the terminal and
quickly toggle it with a shortcut when I need to regain focus, but it is
obviously inconvenient.


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