[openbox] Restore pre-LeastOverlap window ordering?

Dana Jansens dana at orodu.net
Sun Aug 18 14:57:00 EDT 2013

On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 2:01 PM, Piotr Karbowski <jabberuser at gmail.com>wrote:

> Well, no one here is ungreateful to the openbox author or its contributors.
> Many people, including me, have issues with new, kinda forced
> window-placement policy, which cannot be turned off. I liked the policy
> that was placing windows around center of the screen, thats what I like in
> floating window managers, they are floating and not try to be tiling.
> and for whats it wroth, I still think that openbox is one of the best
> things ever invented after the sliced bread, its like my beloved old
> fluxbox but 'new age' version, with a lot of features that fluxbox did not
> had.
> @Dana, I hope you did not felt offended by my 'report' here and if you
> did, then I am really sorry.
> whatsoever, the new policy may be default, but just let me configure
> option (even at build time) to switch to old one.

It's not a question of being offended. Statements like "I'll just not
upgrade" are the least helpful thing you can do for yourself.

If you can give specific examples that can be improved, then devs can act
on those. If you just make vague complaints, or "the way it used to be"
then nothing much will come of it. I think you could apply this to how you
interact with any software project and probably other things as well.

Having a center option is already a reported bug and the author of the new
placement algorithm is already working on implementing it. (Thanks Ian.)

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