[openbox] menu.xml - I thought It Only Had One Format/Standard?

guns self at sungpae.com
Sun Aug 11 13:26:15 EDT 2013

On Sun 11 Aug 2013 at 10:55:45AM -0400, Jim Rees wrote:

> About the only thing I dislike about Openbox is its use of xml for
> configuration.

I'll have to heartily disagree with you here. Writing XML by hand is
surely an activity fit for an inner circle of Hell, but the fact that
it is a common declarative data format makes it fantastic for machine

I generate my rc.xml from Clojure:


Configuring my window manager with higher-order functions and
S-Expressions in a language of my choice is really awesome!

I would be sad to see Openbox adopt an executable data format like other
WMs (though adopting other extensible data formats would be OK).

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