[openbox] menu.xml - I thought It Only Had One Format/Standard?

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Aug 11 10:55:21 EDT 2013

R. Mattes wrote:

>So there _are_ validation problems with the sample menu.xml deployed
>in the openbox 3.5 tarball, but to me it looks like some feature was
>added and someone forgot to update the xml schema file. And these are
>not the problems DAS reported.

I only had a quick look at the file to see if there were any unclosed menu
tags, as Das had indicated. Yes, I just opened it in an editor and quickly
browsed through it. As I do not work with XML regularly, I was not even aware
of xmllink (although I was aware that tools exist). It took all of 5 seconds,
so it was not a big deal.

>> Incidentally, when including a menu, the tag should only contain the
>> "id" attribute.
>Where did you get this from - that's not what the xml schema declares:

The label attribute is ignored when including a menu. The label is inherited
from the attribute where the menu is defined. Perhaps the label attribute of
the inclusion is meant to override the label in the definition, which would be
useful, but that is not what it does.

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