[openbox] menu.xml - I thought It Only Had One Format/Standard?

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Aug 11 06:40:54 EDT 2013

Das wrote:

>I just used the menu that was found in the source at;
>So whoever wrote that XML did it this way and I didn't think to consider
>Dana, or whoever created the menu.xml in the source code can we please get
>it corrected?

I see no mistakes in that file. All menu definitions have opening and closing
tags, while all menu inclusions are properly opened and closed in the same tag.

Incidentally, when including a menu, the tag should only contain the "id"

It is not clear exactly what changes you have made nor what you are trying to
accomplish. The menu.xml file included in the Openbox 3.5.0/data directory does
not contain any menu with the ID "apps-internet-menu". There is, however, a
menu with the ID "apps-net-menu". I suspect that you have made more changes
than you have indicated (clearly) here, and one of those has likely introduced
an error.

The simplest way to clarify this would be to attach your menu.xml file so we can
see exactly what you have done, and hopefully offer suggestions for improving


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