[openbox] menu.xml - I thought It Only Had One Format/Standard?

Das dasfox at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 01:38:00 EDT 2013

I've been using Openbox many years in Slackware compiling my own and in all
these years I have always thought that the menu.xml that came with the
source is the only method...

After I've compiled from the source in  /etc/xdg/openbox/ I'll find the
menu.xml I'll use that follows this format;

<menu id="apps-accessories-menu" label="Accessories">
  <item label="XCalculator">
    <action name="Execute">

 <menu id="apps-accessories-menu"/>

Then I opened up the source and noticed it had a different line I've never
used before(wmclass)

<menu id="apps-net-menu" label="Internet">
  <item label="Firefox">
    <action name="Execute">
---------->   <wmclass>Firefox</wmclass>

Then, this past week I was playing around with livarp distro in Virtualbox
to see what they are doing with Openbpx and to my surprise I found another
format for the menu.xml; now this 'execute' and no 'menu id' anywhere in
this menu.xml either...

<item label="web browser">
                        <action name="Execute">
---------------->                  <execute>firefox</execute>

So I'm a bit confused, I thought Openbox was following some type of
standard for the menu, not where you can do things in several different
formats, all the years I've been using it this way, I've never been able to
get the separator lines to appear with the menu.xml that ships with the
source, so why ship something with the source if it's not going to work?

I know there is obmenu you can use, but if it's creating the menu.xml in a
different and a preferred format that users should follow then why isn't
this format being included as an example in the source for the end-user to
follow as well?

YES I know this could all just be about FLEXIBILITY, picking and choosing
the menthod you like,  but I think for new users to Openbox who might just
follow the menu.xml in the source then it shoild be an example like the
obmenu examples, or whatever example we should be following...

To say the least, I can't belive all these years I've used Openbox with the
menu.xml from the source and I've never had my menus display the seperator
lines till  now with the livarop distro and the format they used...

Now I'm scratching my head after all these years wondering what is the
format to use and follow?

Look I'm a Slacker I like control and flexibility but this is confusing...

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