[openbox] Can't create a valid menu.xml

Frank McCormick beacon at videotron.ca
Mon Apr 29 17:07:14 EDT 2013

On 29/04/13 04:58 PM, 52midnight wrote:
>> I'm not sure you can put an absolute path there. Try just "menu.xml".
> Hmm. Curious. The absolute path produces the error message ("Unable to 
> find ..") but this disappears with your suggestion.
> This further suggests that the relative path allows the menu to be 
> found, but it's still being tossed out ... by ..?

    Is menu.xml readable. What are it's permissions ?

>> At this point I think I'd run openbox in gdb and see what's failing.
> You're ahead of me here. I assume that you're referring to a debugger 
> that I've never used? Could you suggest an invocation?
> And thanks for your interest in this.
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