[openbox] Can't create a valid menu.xml

52midnight info at 52midnight.com
Mon Apr 29 15:05:12 EDT 2013

> You re-use this ID twice.  Would not recommend that.

Good tip! Tried changing to TITLE1 and TITLE2 without success. Also have  
commented out this in case  of trouble:

   <!-- menu id="ID" / -->

At this stage I'm interested to know if Ob deliberately disallows root  
login, reason being that copying


to ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml produces the same failure.

I did get a different error message from one of the utility-generated  
menus complaining about EoL garbage, which gave me hope that I was on  
track, but if Ob is going to kill me regardless then it's a waste of time.

In any event, a default menu IS being generated. Where does it come from?  
I've fiddled with the /usr/.. menu without success, so it seems to have a  
different default source.

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