[openbox] openbox freezes my computer completely

owlet bw bw.owlet at rambler.ru
Tue Jun 12 13:34:58 EDT 2012

Hello, openbox community.

There are some cases when openbox freezes my computer completely such that only
hard "restart" (button on system unit) can help. All that cases deal with need to
open or close windows. Firstly I thought it was because of bugs in software I
use, but then I installed another WM - pekwm, tried to reproduce all the cases
there, and everything works fine. No problems in pekwm.

1. Firefox. Web page -
http://www.popmech.ru/article/11112-muzhskie-i-zhenskie-seti/ looks like this


The picture inside the article is a thumbnail of bigger picture that supposed to
be opened in a separate window. If I click that thumbnail, new empty window
appears and the whole system freezes.

2. When I try to open options of Flagfox addon, the same happens - empty window
and system freeze up.


3. In PCManFM clicking one concrete video file will open SMPlayer with freezed
window (and the system as well).


Besides, the same may happen while expanding dropdown list boxes on some web
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