[openbox] sloppy focus "stealing"

Mithat Konar mithat_konar at yahoo.com
Sun May 1 15:43:17 EDT 2011

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> Sent: Sunday, May 1, 2011 3:47 PM
> Subject: Re: [openbox] sloppy focus "stealing"
> On 01.05.2011 07:41, Mithat Konar wrote:
>>  [...]
>>>  It sounds like you not only have "focus follows mouse" but 
> also
>>>  "auto-raise"
>>  I've experimented with turning off auto-raise, but for my purposes 
> (minimizing mouse clicks) it has the downside of requiring clicks to raise.
> Have you tried the <focusDelay> option? [...]

Yes. When the delay is set to long enough to solve the "where did the dialog go?" issue, it becomes frustratingly long for deliberate focus changing.


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