[openbox] Openbox seems to ignore gravity for _NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW

Anthony Thyssen A.Thyssen at griffith.edu.au
Mon Jun 27 22:22:11 EDT 2011

I am using "wmctrl" to move windows, and I want to be able to make use
of the gravity option in that properity.  However in my testing openbox
seems to ignore that setting.

For example...
   wmctrl -v -r :ACTIVE: -e 0,20,20,-1,-1

is normal and moves the window relative to the top-left corner. However
any other value for that first number (a number from 0 to 10)  does not
effect the window placement.

For example
  wmctrl -v -r :ACTIVE: -e 9,20,20,-1,-1

should position the window relative to the bottom right (south east) corner of the
desktop.  but it still appears at the topleft corner.

The gravity setting is being sent, but openbox is ignoring it.

For info on the settings see...

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