[openbox] kickshaw

Marcus Schätzle marcusschaetzle at yahoo.de
Sat Dec 31 17:42:18 EST 2011

>    Hi -
>     I had given up and forgotten about the whole thing - I'll have to 
> re-download the files....and check it out again. I too am budyat the 
> moment so it may take a few days. Let us know when and where you plan to 
> host the editor.

I am going to leave the editor for some time at
http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/obladi/ , if the download link changes
I will update it on the community portal of openbox. After I have created a
proper homepage for kickshaw, I will link to it from the community portal then.

I have re-uploaded the old version 0.4, but for now I am going to concentrate on
the new version 0.5, which is GTK 3 only. It is simply too time consuming for me
to maintain a GTK 2 and 3 version at the same time.  If it turns out that a
bugfix for 0.4 (for example for your menu problem) is not too time consuming, I
am going to do one for 0.4 as well though. The latest release is inside the
"pre-release developement version" folder.
The loading part of kickshaw has been thoroughly reworked for 0.5 so it might
need some further testing. I have several test menus that work for me, but ir's
hard to test everything for yourself without external testing...

I have updated my outdated E-Mail address in the Savannah settings, have to do
it for the GPG-key later as well.



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