[openbox] kickshaw

Marcus Schätzle marcusschaetzle at yahoo.de
Sat Dec 31 13:43:00 EST 2011

Frank McCormick <beacon at ...> writes:

> On 15/12/11 02:03 PM, Davide Truffa wrote:
> > The project seems to be hosted on Savannah:
> > http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/obladi
> >
> > Bye.
> >
>     That was quick....email to his address bounced. He is apparently 
> unreachable.


I am the author of kickshaw. The email address is indeed outdated, I have
currently little time to update everything. But if you have questions you can
reach me at marcusschaetzle at yahoo.de, if you want, and file me also menu files
that are not working. I am going to set up a proper website for kickshaw in the
future incl. link to bugtracker etc. Kickshaw is still a 0.x version and needs
some further fixing.



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