[openbox] Typos/missing info in documentation

Nicky Chorley ndchorley at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 10:15:10 EST 2011


I have just begun to use Openbox and have found typos in the 
documentation at http://openbox.org. I'm running Openbox 3.4.11 on 
Slackware 13.37.

First of all, on the "Help:Autostart" page, the autostart script is 
referred to by the name "autostart". However, commands placed in a file 
~/.config/openbox/autostart are not run; the file must be called 
"autostart.sh" as detailed in the man page for openbox-session (for both 
3.4.11 and the version in Git: http://bit.ly/sVdSLB).

The second typo (or perhaps it's just that information is missing, or 
even a bug) I found is in the documentation for the "SendToDesktop" 
action on the "Help:Actions" page. That section says to use the <to> 
option to specify the desktop to move the window to. I thus added 4 
keybind sections to my rc.xml (one for each desktop) that look like this:

<keybind key="A-F1">
   <action name="SendToDesktop">

However, only the first one worked (by this I mean that pressing, e.g. 
"Alt-F2" did absolutely nothing). I searched the Openbox Bugzilla and 
found just one bug pertaining to this action and in it, <desktop> was 
used instead of <to>. Changing <to> to <desktop> in my keybind entries 
makes them all work as expected. I do not know whether there is some 
difference between using <to> and <desktop>, or whether the former 
option is now deprecated, or what.

Kind regards,

Nicky Chorley

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