[openbox] cannot change window titles appearance with GTK theme

Mario Blättermann mario.blaettermann at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 21:26:11 EST 2011

Am 09.12.2011 23:19, schrieb basilio:
> I cannot change window titles appearance with GTK themes. Meantime,
> other parts of windows change, except titles. Titles change only from
> openbox themes (set in Obconf). Is there a way to change titles thru GTK
> themes either?
> Thanks ahead.
No, there's no way. Actually, you cannot change the window titles with
pure Gtk themes, unless you have a full GNOME theme which includes the
appropriate Metacity/Mutter settings.

Openbox doesn't use any Gtk settings, it's completely independent from
it. The only graphical way to change the Openbox appearance is OBconf.
But it's possible to integrate themes directly into a GNOME theme
package because both the Gtk and Openbox stuff reside in ~/.themes.

Best Regards,

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