[openbox] [PATCH] Window "Remember" keybind action

Daniel Ramsay daniel at dretzq.org.uk
Sun Jan 31 15:06:27 EST 2010

On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 05:58:53PM +0000, Paul wrote:
> Nothing appears to have changed, and I don't get any pop-up. Just to be
> sure that C-F5/6 can be seen by Openbox, I assigned them to a direction
> command and that worked, so I don't think there's anything wrong with
> using that combination.
> Where is the debug being sent? I didn't see it in Xorg.0.log or messages,
> nor my login manager's log.

Apologies - I skipped the debug to xsession-errors in favour of using
OpenBox's visual feedback, which works reliably with my test install.  When
a window is assigned to a hotkey, a small popup notification will appear in
the top left (similar to the one displayed when a keychain is started).

Here is the procedure I usually use to make sure the running openbox binary
is the one I intend it to be.

(I don't intend to imply that you've made a mistake here, just that I don't
know which distro you're using, whether you use a graphical login shell and
whether you've installed the patched version of openbox over the top of the
previous version.)

In the source directory (after patching):

make clean
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/openbox-test
sudo make install
/usr/local/openbox-test/bin/openbox --replace &

After that, the window decorations flicker as openbox is reloaded, and the
new keybind actions work.

Any errors before openbox is flipped to the patched version would be in
~/.xsession-errors (if you are using a graphical login).  

After openbox has been reloaded with --replace, errors appear on stderr in
the terminal used to restart it.

Do you have any entries in ~/.xsession-errors that resemble this:

Openbox-Message: Invalid action "Remember" requested. No such action exists.

Many thanks,


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