[openbox] ToggleShade Bug?

Paul openboxml023478 at rainslide.net
Thu Jan 21 11:53:38 EST 2010

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but...

If I move to another window with W-h (DirectionFocusLeft, although the direction doesn't seem to matter), then, with the W key still held down, I shade it with W-r (ToggleShade) sure enough it shades the window, but when I release the W key, it unshades it. So, in order to shade another window I have to DirectionFocus... to it, release all keys, then ToggleShade it. I don't have to do this with other commands, like combinations of DirectionFocus... and GrowToEdge... (W-A-whatever), where I can keep the W key held down throughout.



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