[openbox] Maximized windows no decoration

Andreas Fink andreas.fink85 at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 11 10:11:23 EST 2010

2010/1/11 Alexey Korop <akorop at gmail.com>

> Andreas Fink wrote:
>> Does "ToggleFullscreen" do what you want?
>> Nice suggestion, but I'm using a panel, which I want to be visible ;)
>  <margins>
>    <top>0</top>
>    <bottom>25</bottom>
>    <left>0</left>
>    <right>0</right>
>  </margins>
> Margins only work for maximized windows, not fullscreen windows
However a negative top margin would be a solution but this not supported
(short look in the source code shows that you take MAX(0, margin))
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