[openbox] Menu and keyboard

Alexey Korop akorop at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 06:36:20 EST 2010

Hi, All

     The parameter "SubmenuShowDelay" applies only when you select a 
menu item with the mouse. This leads to the fact that when navigating 
using the cursor keys to all submenus disclosed immediately, resulting 
in a flickering, and in the case of pipe sub-menus - delays.
     I believe that the right would not apply this option only with the 
direct selection of the menu item by the letter-accelerator. But in the 
case of selecting by the arrow keys or non-unique accelerators this 
option should be used as when choosing by mouse.
     ("SubmenuHideDelay" should never be used with keyboard)

     And about the keyboard menu control. It is strange that the keys 
"Up" and "Down" work, but the key "Home" and "End" - not work.

Yours truly Alexey

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