[openbox] Border Behavior and Maximized Windows

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Sat Jan 2 16:25:43 EST 2010

2009/12/30 dcarroll <dennis at rubgrp.com>:
> Happy New Year everybody,
> I am trying - out of idle curiosity - to rationalize Openbox's behavior of
> drawing borders under different combinations of windows being maximized
> horizontally, vertically, or both.
> The behavior doesn't seem to be consistent. If it's correct, I'd be
> interested in learning why. (Or perhaps I've stumbled upon a bug.)
> FWIW, I'm running a fully-updated Openbox 3.4.9 under Arch linux. In my
> Openbox theme, I specify a 1 pixel border width. In my rc.xml, I'm leaving a
> 5-pixel margin on all sides of the monitor to make sure I don't miss
> anything.
> Here's what I've found:
> 1. Horizontally-maximized window:
> - loses its left and right borders
> - perfectly plausible I guess
> 2. Fully-maximized window:
> - loses its left, right and bottom borders
> - again, makes sense.
> 3. Vertically-maximized window:
> - doesn't lose its bottom border,
> - which somehow doesn't seem consistent with the other cases.
> - can anybody suggest an explanation?

It's because the bottom border is different from the side borders - it
has a handle, which is used to resize the window horizontally as well
as vertically.  At one time that was the only part of the frame that
could be used for resizing, so maybe it is historical really now, but
that is why.


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