[openbox] Logging out of Openbox

Erik Iverson eriki at ccbr.umn.edu
Thu Feb 4 11:13:35 EST 2010


>> If I replace the last line in my .xinitrc with
>> openbox  (instead of openbox-session),
>> the "Log Out" option kills off all running applications and exits properly.
>> Any ideas as to why that is?
> My guess is you are running "openbox &" from your autostart, and then
> running something else after it, so Openbox is not the controlling
> process for X.  You don't want to launch Openbox yourself from
> autostart, as openbox-session will do that itself last, and pass
> control over to it.
> Dana

More information.  Narrowed it down to something in my autostart.sh (not 
surprisingly, since that's part of what openbox-session runs.

So, if I comment out the following lines, which came by default with 
Openbox 3.4.10, the issue goes away, any thoughts on why?

# Preload stuff for KDE apps
  if which start_kdeinit >/dev/null; then
    LD_BIND_NOW=true start_kdeinit --new-startup +kcminit_startup &

FYI, start_kdeinit does exist on my system.


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