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John Eikenberry jae at zhar.net
Sat May 30 20:14:10 EDT 2009

Xyne wrote:

> I'm willing but probably not able. Using the OB libs directly for
> parsing and previews definitely makes sense and I'll try to look into
> that but I haven't learned C or C++ and although they're on my "to
> learn" list, I don't think I'll get to a point which enables me to code
> in them any time soon. I might also try to figure out how to create
> bindings for Python as I still don't know how to do that.
You should be able to use the OB libs from python using just ctypes. That
is, as long as you can figure out what's going on enough to call the libs
you don't need to write any C/C++ to use them.



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