[openbox] ObTheme

Dave Foster daf at minuslab.net
Fri May 29 08:47:37 EDT 2009

Xyne wrote:
> I just wanted to let you know that I've created a GUI them editor for
> Openbox. It currently features a live preview mode, a built-in xbm
> image editor and a palette for quickly changing colors globally.
> You can find the info page with screenshots and the latest version at
> http://xyne.archlinux.ca/info/obtheme.
I guess this is what I get for being lazy :)

I had worked on an OB theme editor, coincidently called ObTheme as well, 
that has been rotting away since last summer in our public git.  I 
honestly can't see myself completing it any time soon so perhaps we can 
try to consolidate if you're willing.

I wrote it in C++ in large part becuase A) C++ makes GTK sane, and B) I 
wanted to use the real OB libs to do the theme parsing and previews.  We 
did get the project pretty far, and its main goal was to provide a live 
preview (inside of the program itself) that was also clickable in order 
to get you to the proper location to edit.  This stuff all works, 100%, 
mostly thanks to syscrash and the obrender library.

Here's a screen from development progress:

AFAIK it works on my machine, others have reported some crashing, it 
hasn't been touched in quite a while.  If you see things you want to 
cannabalize, feel free.  I can help, Python's more of a read-only 
language to me but I can get some stuff done with sufficient examples.

Oh right, the code:
git clone git://code.l3ib.org/obtheme.git

If you want to talk more about stuff, I'm "m4re" on irc, #openbox on 
oftc or #l3ib on freenode.


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