[openbox] Switching virtual desktops from C?

Mikael Magnusson lists at bak.och.fr.am
Thu May 7 20:02:08 EDT 2009

On Thu, 7 May 2009, mpb wrote:

> Hi Openbox,
> I want to write my own standalone C program to switch virtual
> desktops, functionality equivalent  Openbox's DesktopNext and
> DesktopPrevious actions.  I have used various third-party pagers with
> Openbox, so I assume this must be possible.  Can anyone give me some
> pointers on how to proceed?  For example, source code samples
> (possibly even from inside the Openbox source code), or links to
> relevant documentation.
> I have extensive experience with C, minimal experience with Xlib, and
> zero experience with Freedesktop.  (Perhaps Freedesktop is not even
> relevant?)


Mikael Magnusson

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