How do I hide Conky sessions from showing up in PyPanel?

Richard Querin rfquerin at
Thu Nov 13 11:23:09 EST 2008


I'm running Openbox on Hardy with two Conky instances and PyPanel.
When I add Conky to the list of 'hidden' applications in the pypanel
configuration file, everything gets screwed up for some reason. The
whole panel (except for the system tray I believe) disappears and the
panel get's centred on the desktop - it's supposed to be at the

As soon as I remove Conky from the hidden applications list, it works fine.

I just don't want those two conky sessions showing up on the pypanel
as running tasks. Anybody know how to achieve this? Maybe switching to
something like fbpanel or lxpanel would be better? Anybody got any



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